Project Management

Project Management

Our Director is a qualified (Prince2) Project Manager with over 30 years’ experience in the building and management trade. Whilst with the company he has successfully Project Managed all the refurbishment projects below achieving the intended timescales and budgets.


Project Management – The Process From Start to Finish


Once the property has been purchased and a refurbishment program suggested and agreed a Project Manager will be assigned to the project.


A bespoke Full Project Management life cycle with the 6 main element with a project, i.e., scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, and resources”. 


  1. Design a complete Scope of Works (SOW) for the project and present to the client for discussing and approval.
  2. We will instruct our architects to produce a set of drawings for quotations by building Contractors and in accordance with Building Control and Council town Planning.
  3. Once Drawing are produced the project manage will contact 3 Building Contracts for quotations and estimates.
  4. The project Manager will review the weekly progress and provide updates on timescales and cost on a bi-weekly basis.
  5. Review risk and provide risk assessment if needed at each stage of the project.
  6. Ensuring quality control is maintained throughout the SOW.
  7. Ensure resource is maintained by the Sub-contractors, and the milestones at met at each stage.
  8. Ensure snagging items are completed and certification is presented at the end of the project, prior to final payment.

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