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Why the Liverpool Student Market

Liverpool is a city on the up. A city transformed into one of the UK’s leading business destinations by an ambitious and far-reaching regeneration programme. A city where £4 billion has been committed to physical regeneration and investor confidence is at an all-time high.


With over 60,000 students and 10,000 worldwide students attending its four highly rated universities, making Liverpool the 4th largest student campus in the UK


Liverpool has always been a vibrant city and a centre of cultural wealth and diversity. In 2004 the city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive waterfront which, according to UNESCO, represents a ‘supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global significance.’  It became the first English city to be designated European Capital of Culture in 2008 and this has had a huge impact on the city which is currently enjoying a period of investment and development with the help of funding from central Government and the EU. The Liverpool ONE development is evidence of great progress. Liverpool is a friendly and economical base for students, with excellent opportunities for part-time work and one of the lowest costs of living in the UK. Students tend to live and socialise around the central Smithdown Road area because of the cheap rents, but the Kensington area is also popular.


Kelco Property Services Ltd will guide clients through the process and procedures of the buying, refurbishing, letting, and gaining an income from that property.


The company will highlight the pitfalls of buying properties in the buy to let market, as they go through the minefields of dealing with estate agents, letting agents, surveyors, builders, and the legal requirement of becoming a landlord.

HMO Properties
In our investigation into the Liverpool student marketplace it was found that students and young professionals tend to fall into 2 distinct categories, firstly the foreign and overseas students and young professionals. These types of students and young professionals prefer to be in close proximity to the university, they are likely to stay within their own small community groups, and generally stay in the property throughout the summer holidays.


However, when obtaining a guarantor, it had been found particularly difficult for this type of student, in these cases a full years rent is generally required in advance of the letting, or an agreement with the letting agent on payment.


The second type of student is the UK Student, who can be from any part of the UK. These students have a preference to be close to the nightlife of Liverpool the bars, clubs and restaurants. This type of student is generally in their second year of student life, the first year has been in the halls of residence of the university, they are fairly aware of where they want to live for the remaining period of university


When purchasing HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) or Mini Mo’s (minimum Multiple Occupancy) properties the local councils provide guidelines which must be adhered to by law, Kelco Property Services are fully aware of the local council guidelines and ensure all managed properties that require refurbishment will follow the Local council guidelines.


Part of the HMO licence recommends that a fully functioning smoke detector system connects to the main electrical system be installed. Kelco Property Services Ltd as part of managing the refurbishment will ensure that an approved Smoke detector system will be installed.

Kelco Properties can complete the licencing application documentation on your behalf

Peace of Mind
From the day of agreeing to go ahead to purchasing the property through Kelco Property Services Ltd, the company will provide a bi-weekly update on the situation of the property sale, or the stage of the refurbishment.


At each stage Kelco Property Services Ltd will look to gain a formal agreement / approval to proceed to the next stage of development ensuring the client is fully aware of what has been achieved and what is going to be achieved at the next stage. This formal agreement can be a verbal agreement initially in order to proceed to the next stage process, and a written confirmation via email within 2 days.

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